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About Us

Since 1967, Pathways, Inc., has proudly served as a community-based center for mental health care, the prevention and treatment of alcohol and other addictions, and services for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Together, these services provide a network to promote the emotional health and well-being of our citizens and communities. Pathways operates more than 50 facilities in a ten-county region and continues to grow. More than 500 employees provide complete and professional services.


The Pathways philosophy is to provide a complete package of prevention and treatment services designed to meet community needs. Through these unified services, we seek to promote the growth of people toward higher levels of functioning, greater self-esteem, emotional maturity, competence, and self-responsibility.



Pathways’ vision is to be the preferred healthcare provider.



Pathways’ mission is to deliver exceptional services in a caring, professional manner.









Treat all consumers, staff, and community members with respect and dignity.



Ensure consumer services are available, accessible, and provided in a timely manner.



Empower consumers to be full participants in their treatment in the least restrictive

environment possible.



Provide services in a fiscally responsible manner while balancing clinical needs and concerns.



Act with competency and knowledge of evidence-based services and best practices to provide

efficient, effective, and results-oriented care.



Maintain the public’s trust and confidence in the services we provide.



Provide a professional work environment that supports and empowers employees to reach

their highest level of achievement.




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