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DDSS assists in obtaining individual and family-determined supports for persons who have developmental disabilities or intellectual disabilities. Goals are to serve and enhance opportunities for making choices that promote inclusion as a valued citizen in all meaningful phases of community life. These include where and how a person lives, learns, works and plays. The program assists by providing supports (services) that help link individuals to existing community resources; by developing, creating or locating new resources; and by being an active advocate for the rights of individuals and their families. Our vision is to see individuals reach the maximum degree of inclusion possible in the day-to-day life of their community.



DDSS Service Access

Information, referrals, and service eligibility are all functions provided by centralized DDSS entry points that are convenient for area residents. Once eligibility is determined, a Support Coordinator is assigned and becomes responsible for guiding and directing appropriate services from within Pathways and in the community.


Support Coordination

Support coordination is an individualized coordination and referral service available to any person within the Pathways service area who has a developmental disability. Our Support Coordinators work to ensure that all persons with DD have access to needed community service and resources.


Day Training [Formerly Adult Day Training]

Pathways Day Training offers supports to any individual diagnosed with developmental or intellectual disabilities before their 22nd birthday. Day Training helps individuals participate in daily meaningful activities while stressing training in daily living, self-advocacy, adaptive skills, social skills, and pre-vocational skills. Services are designed to lead to the acquisition of skills and abilities for work or community participation. Day training is provided in a variety of settings which promote inclusion and natural supports.


Residential Services

Residential services are provided in a variety of community settings including staffed residential, family home residential, and Horizon Village, a 30-unit HUD subsidized residential complex in Morehead.


Horizon Village

Horizon Village is a residential complex that offers supports in a 15-room group living complex and two apartment buildings. Horizon Village offers supports and services to adults with intellectual and physical disabilities and is committed to enhancing their opportunities, independence, and quality of life.  Located in Morehead, Kentucky, Horizon Village strives to promote respect, accessibility, empowerment, responsibility, competency, trust, and support to all who live there.


While living at Horizon Village individuals are encouraged to be full participants in their community.  Horizon Village offers supports in the least restrictive environment possible and strives to meet the unique needs of each person.



“Respite” or temporary care is provided to individuals of all ages with intellectual disabilities or developmental disabilities. Respite care may be provided for a few hours or a few days depending upon the needs and preference of the individual and family.


Supported Employment

JOBS (Jobs, Our Basic Service) assists individuals with disabilities in securing and maintaining competitive employment in regular work settings within their community. To be eligible for services, a person must be at least 18 years of age, a resident of the region served by Pathways, currently receiving or eligible to receive services from the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and Pathways, and diagnosed as having intellectual disabilities, mental illness, or a developmental disability.


Supports for Community Living

SCL is a complete spectrum of services that provides families of individuals with intellectual disabilities an alternative to institutional care. SCL services may be provided in either a residential or a community- living setting. To be eligible for services, a person must require an intermediate level of care and be at risk of being institutionalized, or come out of an ICF/MR facility back to the local community.


Supported Living

Supported Living is a state grant program to provide support for any person with a disability. Supports can include respite, personal care, and adaptations for the home. Decisions are made by the Supported Living Council, which consists of eight volunteers appointed by the Governor.


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