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The mission of Pathways Regional Prevention Center (RPC) is to plan and promote comprehensive alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention services in the center's ten-county region. This is accomplished through an array of coordinated services including:


  • Community prevention coalitions in Bath County, Boyd & Greenup Counties, Carter County, Elliott County, Lawrence County, Menifee County, Morgan County, Montgomery County, and Rowan County
  • Youth advisory boards in Carter County, Elliott County, Menifee County, Montgomery County, Morgan County and Rowan County
  • Kentucky Agency for Substance Abuse Policy (KY-ASAP) Local Boards in Boyd/Carter/Greenup Counties (Tri-County Local Board) and Lawrence County.
  • an Early Intervention (Court Diversion) Program serving all ten counties
  • a KIDS NOW Plus program serving pregnant women in all ten counties and
  • a statewide Prevention Enhancement Site for Tobacco Environmental Strategies




Adult Prevention Services

Pathways Regional Prevention Center provides education and training for adults on the effects of alcohol and other drug abuse. Prevention services are provided at worksites, churches, schools, and other sites in the community. Emphasis is placed on training adults who are in positions to encourage and support youth in making healthy choices.


Region Ten Prevention Coalitions

The goal of the Region Ten prevention coalitions is to increase public awareness and involvement in alcohol and drug prevention programming. The Regional Prevention Center facilitates nine coalitions covering ten counties: Boyd / Greenup County Coalition, Carter County Drug Free Coalition, Elliott County Coalition, Lawrence County Coalition, Menifee County Coalition, Montgomery County Coalition, Morgan County Coalition and Rowan County Coalition.  The Carter County Drug Free Coalition has also received a Drug Free Communities Support Grant.


Prevention Enhancement Site

The RPC houses one of the five prevention enhancement sites in Kentucky. The Region Ten site focuses on environmental tobacco issues, and provides consultation services on this issue throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


Regional Alcohol and Drug Information Services

The RPC serves as a primary source of drug information for all communities in the region. Services include a resource library, telephone information, and the distribution of printed materials and audiovisuals.



The media play a vital role in the awareness of communities regarding alcohol and drug problems and issues. The RPC provides information to the media on local issues and programs and organizes local media campaigns.


Youth Prevention Services

Pathways Regional Prevention Center provides an array of services aimed at preventing alcohol and other drug problems. Services for children and youth emphasize the development of healthy foundations for decisions regarding alcohol/ drug use. Consultation and training are provided for schools, agencies, and organizations that support healthy environments.


Early Intervention Program

The RPC collaborates with the juvenile justice system to provide a diversion program for youth who have violated a school alcohol or other drug related policy or who have been cited for an alcohol or other drug related charge. The Early Intervention Program provides education, screening, and referral services for the juvenile and parents. The Early Intervention Program also serves as the legally-required program for youth/young adults under 21 who violate the Under 21 DUI-Zero Tolerance law.



KIDS NOW Plus is a program funded by the Early Childhood Development Authority using Tobacco Settlement funds to help identify and provide services for women at risk for substance use during pregnancy. The Regional Prevention Center offers a community outreach program where women can learn the risks of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use to the fetus during pregnancy. Participants are screened and offered additional prevention, intervention, or treatment services. The Regional Prevention Center also offers a selective prevention program involving basic information on reducing harm to the fetus from substance use during pregnancy along with reducing risk for developing an alcohol or drug use problem across the lifespan.


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