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Pathways at Your Service - In Bloom


In Bloom, previously known as Maternal Depression, is a program
that is dedicated to empowering mothers across the FIVCO and
Gateway regions, as well as strengthening the maternal and infant
bond. In Bloom provides perinatal and postpartum support services to women who are experiencing maternal depression, anxiety, or those who are in recovery.
In Bloom offers short-term Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (15-20 sessions) where
women learn new techniques to assist in
managing maternal stress. The program
also features parenting sessions to promote a secure attachment and healthy
emotional development to baby. In Bloom provides telehealth services which allows the consumer to receive services in their home,
residential settings, or wherever is needed at the time. Our therapists work closely with community partners and other providers to
enhance treatment through collaboration and wrap-around services.

If you are currently working with a pregnant or early
parenting consumer (with a child ages 0-2) that
meets the following criteria, In Bloom may be a
great option for treatment:


  • Feeling sad, hopeless, worthless, or overwhelmed
    Loss of interest, energy, and motivation
  • Excessive worrying, irritability, or restlessness
  • Feeling isolated or disconnected from baby, family, or
  • Intrusive thoughts
  • Feeling inadequate as a mom
  • Experienced a traumatic birth (current or past)
  • Recent fetal loss
  • Does not meet exclusionary criteria (current psychosis, psychotic disorders, or high
    risk requiring a higher level of care, personality disorders, intellectual disability, or current substance use).

Tayler Peck, LPCC, is the primary therapist for In Bloom and serves women in the
FIVCO and Gateway regions. As a mother of a young daughter, she is passionate about
increasing awareness of the importance of maternal mental health and decreasing the
stigma associated with mental health and motherhood. “It’s the hardest job you will ever
love. Being a mother is an amazing experience but it isn’t always easy. And that’s okay.”

Daiquiri Ams, is the program supervisor and also carries a small caseload in addition to
other duties. 

Daiquiri Ams


Dena Garrett

606.329.8588 ext. 4549