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KY-Moms MATR (Maternal Assistance Towards Recovery) helps ex-pectant Kentucky mothers who are at risk for using alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs to reduce harm to their children from their substance use during and after pregnancy. This service is a collaboration between health departments, prenatal clinics, and community mental health centers. Three portions of the KY-Moms MATR program are used to assist expectant Kentucky mothers who are at risk for
using alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs: community outreach and education, sub-stance abuse prevention, and case man-magement services. KY-Moms MATR Pre-vention Specialists provide prevention education and service coordination to expectant mothers who want help for any one or more of the following reasons: they would like to know more about having a healthy pregnancy; they are concerned about the effects of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs on their baby; they feel unsafe in a relationship or in their home; and/or they are having difficulty coping with their emotions or daily responsibilities. Specific substance usage prevention ser-vices are designed to reduce the risk of substance use during pregnancy for all pregnant women. These free services include: Universal Prevention Education – for women who do not present with any psychological or medical condition that requires immediate attention and do not have any factors that would increase the risk for alcohol or drug use prob-lems. These individuals have no history of alcohol or drug use and do not meet the criteria for substance use disor-der. They are eligible for up to two hours of prevention education, the Making Healthy Choices class (often mar-
keted as a “Healthy Baby, Baby Shower”), during a single pregnancy and postpartum period. Selective Prevention Education – for women who do not present with alcohol or drug use during the last 30 days but do have an increased risk for substance use problems due to family history, environmental factors (partner or close friend substance abuse), personal
history of drug use (with no substance use disorder), domestic violence history, mental health concerns. These women are eligible for up to 17 hours of prevention education throughout the life of the individual. Indicated Prevention Education – for women who currently use or who have used alcohol or drugs since learning of pregnancy and currently has or has had a history of problem-atic behaviors related to substance use prior to pregnancy. These individuals present with symptoms of substance use and screen for a possible substance use disorder. They will be referred to the clinic for a substance use assessment. If no substance use disorder is diagnosed, the individual is eligible for up to 25 hours of pre-
vention education throughout the life of the individual.

All pregnant women and new mothers up to 60 days postpartum can access KY Moms
MATR Prevention services.

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