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Community Collaboration Specialist (CCS) is a position held in every Regional Prevention Center (RPC) throughout the state through Kentucky Opioid Response Effort (KORE)/State Opioid Response funding. The goal of the position is to enhance RPC and Pathways pro- grams through community partnerships.

The CCS provides technical assistance and training to coalitions and community groups to enhance substance use prevention and mental health promotion efforts and to create strong partnerships. Some of the CCS’s current projects include serving as the Kentucky Purple Star Award contact for schools who would like to ap- ply and need technical assistance. The Purple Star Award is for schools that provide a caring school climate, help in- crease student engagement, and en- courage parents and other adults within the school and community for military- connected families.

The CCS serves as Co-Chair of the Boyd County Situation Table. The Table is a weekly collaboration with multiple agencies to help bridge the gap between services tackling mental health, addiction, domestic violence, those that are unhoused, and other risk factors.

The CCS serves as an Adult Mental Health First Aid trainer and a Parents Against Vaping & E- cigarettes trainer. In addition, the CCS acts as needs assessment coordinator for the RPC for all ten counties in the Pathways catchment area.

If you are interested in partnering with the RPC in substance use prevention or mental health promotion, contact Dominique or Amy.






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