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All consumers of any age are able to present to 201 22nd Street, Ashland, Kentucky, or 209 David Road, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, for emergency walk-in service. The providers at Crisis and Residential Recovery Unit (CRRU) East and West field these assessments along with Remote Crisis Therapists. Walk-in services offer emergency psychotherapy assessment and referral to consumers in high acuity that do not have access to another form of emergent assessment through a local office or staff.

Consumers are greeted by Peer Support Specialists (PSS) staff. Therapeutic staff then triage severity, prioritize response order, and assess cases in that order. Often pSS are used to engage consumers before, during, or after assessment. The therapy staff provides risk assessment, disposition, and therapeutic service as needed to resolve the imminent crisis in ways that prevent the requirement for Emergency Room visits where possible.

ELIGIBILITY: All consumers are eligible for walk-in services. The condition of the consumer physically and mentally often will affect potential options for disposition. When choosing the location of risk assessment: 1) determine if self-harm has already occurred or harm to others is likely consider the need for PRN medications or security (neither are available at CRRU); 2) consider physical status and if medical care is needed imminently (level of intoxication, blood pressure, blood sugar etc); 3) consider impulse control (entirely voluntary/unlocked assessment location); and consider the safety of the consumer to navigate themselves toa  walk-in assessment location (should they be driving, are they safe in transit, do we trust they are going to arrive, have we spoken to CRRU staff to let them know who is coming and why).

PLEASE NOTE: Often a walk-in service is a one-time service occurring between a therapist and a client. Appropriate staffing of a referral can make a tremendous difference in the quality of care and assessments. 

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