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The Early Childhood Consultant’s mission is to provide support, education, and resources to pregnant and early-parenting women who have, or are at risk of, substance use disorder (SUD) or are in recovery. The Early Childhood Consultant also interacts in advocacy efforts to support pregnant and early parenting women. The Early Childhood Consultant provides individual consultation to pregnant and early parenting women who have SUD or are in recovery, and also direct services via the In Bloom program. Additionally, the Early Childhood Consultant provides program consultation, referral consultation, and education/ training to community partners and providers of perinatal services. It is the goal of the program to support our community at its earliest stages to encourage and assist in healthy choices and pro-social behaviors.


Any pregnant or early parenting woman with, or at risk of, SUD or in recovery. Any community partner or medical professional working with the targeted population may also receive consultation or education and/or training.

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